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Why We get bored in true love? Doing love or being in love are two different things. You can’t use the brain in love because you don’t do love you only remain in love. It descends from existence. In the name of the smart move, we test a person first then we decide. By just …

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I let you freeI think that’s what you wantedeven if it is not, let me free youfree at least free from meIn fact, I never possessed youI could not never-neverbut you still suffocatedby my emotions and unconditional lovebut I knowone cant unplug a plantfrom the mud of emotionsI wishMay you get true love & peaceand …

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GeoSpactial Technology

Role of ICT in Agro marketing Mukesh Kumar,  Swaran Singh Jaggi , Daljit Singh,   Dr Subhan Khan  1 Department of Physics, SSNC, University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA; e-mail: physics.ssn@gmail.com 2 WynTech, Managing Director, Delhi, INDIA; e-mail: swaran.jaggi@gmail.com 3  Department of Geography, SSNC, University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA; e-mail: daljitchhiller@yahoo.com 4  Mewat Development Society, INDIA; e-mail:drsubhankhan@gmail.com …

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