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The WynRobo Robotics Educational Kit - ONLINE SALE

Robotics Educational Kit is the resultant consequence of the futuristic, uniquely innovative and extensive research conducted by Wyn Technology Pvt. Limited, (WynTech) an R & D Company which has pioneered the technology of teaching the art of learning by adopting the process of STEM METHODOLOGY. 

We now proudly announce the availability of The Robotics Educational Kit vide our Online Platform.
The Robotics Educational Kit is perhaps the only available kit which not only develops the mind of the school children, but it actually enhances it, because it teaches the students how to make working Robots.
The Robotics Educational Kit is the kit which teaches you how to make a Robot.
SO RUSH NOW ! Before your fellow students beat you to it.

WynRobo Educational Kit​

WynRobo Educational Kit Specifications :
Building Blocks: more than 100 components that can construct more than 30 robots,
  In fact, most of the robotics construction can be made using these components.
• Controller: Android-based electronic controller which can be used to control motors and used to made sensor-based robots
• App: Android-based app which controls the constructed robot.

Price : Rs 10,000/-