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Robotics for Kids – by Swaran Singh Jaggi

Robotics is a “Learn it yourself” (LIY) and fun way of understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ( STEM). In this methodology of learning, kids make their own robot and see it working. Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the making, programming, designing of robots, and working of Robots.
To parents, the definition sounds too complicated and technical. Parents can barely imagine and see the benefit of letting their children tinker with any kind of robotics educational kits for kids. They can see kids coming up with more thinking, questioning, and most important is kid’s curiosity.

Most of us can’t really imagine the usefulness of this branch of science and technology in our daily lives, apart from the several movies we’ve seen. We thought robotics is something that only engineers can do.

Apart from Robots used all around the industry and in our daily lives, we need to refocus ourselves and remember one important point. Although we cannot wrap our heads around robotics and its inner workings, we shouldn’t deprive the coming generations after ours of understanding and experiencing Robotics technology.

This is especially true today when some companies did R & D on Robotics science and integrate it with science and technology and come out with Robotics educational kits. Its modular approach and developed controller enable young kids to assemble a working prototype which makes it the best educational learning through a fun way.

It is up to the parents to grab the chance of introducing their kids to a technology that can develop kid’s brains through learning in the most fun and engaging way. Parents also need to get convinced that the introduction of robotics makes their kids improve concentration and self-learning, so parents must encourage robotics for kids. Here are a few things that parents need to do:

● Understand the usefulness of robotics Educational kits for their kids and why robotics educational kits make a better gift for their kids.
● Understand that why the robotics educational kit is a better toy, game, and best learning tool.
● How to make them interested in playing/learning with Robotics educational kit.
● Select the best robotics educational kit which can make several Robots with the same kit and scope of creativity while making the robot.

Hopefully, parents understood the importance of foreseeing how robotics educational kits for kids can affect their children’s development in a positive way.

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