Wyn Technology Pvt. Ltd.

WynRobo – a Robotics Club

WynRobo offers robotic programs at various level

  • During school hours in a classroom
  • At school - after school hours
  • Short term Robotics course (6 Days)
  • Robotics franchisee
  • Robotics workshop - awareness programs                          

WynRobo Kit?

  • Metal strip - Making Robotics chassis
  • Tools
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Wheels, axle and motors
  • Connecting wires
  • Various other components
  • O/S based brain – with motor driver and sensor ports
  • Programmable brain
  • Easy to join
  • Manuals and other support
  • No soldering etc required
  • Approx 15 robots cane be made with this kit
  • Basic learning by doing
  • Connection through RJ 11 (telephone jack)
  • Programmable Brain (Arduino)
  • Drive through smart phone app
  • Kit support (any extra component can be bought/replaced)
  • Technical support
  • Contents and multimedia support
  • Zonal and state level competitions
  • Facilitate other robotic based competition



  • Robotics expert
  • Trained on kits
  • Equipped with educational/training material
  • Only practical assessment
  • Work under WynTech’s various learning modules



  • Easy understanding of Robotics Science
  • Fundamental of Science of Robotics for High School children
  • Triggering the process of Innovation in our kids
  • Offering Robotics as a possible solution for the hurdles faced in a society.
  • Shaping creativity to design applications based on Robot-Variants



  • Modular learning concepts (Zero Science Background)
  • Start by assembling various models (Robots)
  • Especially customizable robotics kits
  • Self intuitive learning (Learning by doing)
  • Writing and making various programmable bots
  • Understanding working of various types of sensors
  • Beyond syllabus learning
  • Time-to-time robo events
  • One kit per two students



  • Lift confidence with the first step of your Robot
  • Technology at your doorstep
  • Mould your child for self intuitive learning
  • Build your own robot with Wyn Edu
  • Educate others about robotic technology
  • Meet us in regular robo camps



  • Eligibility: 6th class to 12th class
  • No interference with academic studies
  • Complementary to academics
  • Semester based (30 hours for each semester)
  • Semesters are based on the complexity of the robots.

Wyn Technology Pvt. Limited

Delhi 110052, India