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Robotics Job

Gone are the days of pure science fiction for robots on earth and space. There are quite a few options for career paths in the field of industrial Robotics, from humanoid robot programming and engineering to construction, deployment, healthcare, automate management and maintenance. Careerbuilder.com lists over 1,000 full-time positions with job titles such as Robotics Specialist, Robotics Technician, Mobile Robotics Application Engineer, Robotics Application Engineer and Lead Robotics Software Engineer. Some of the most in demand areas looking for candidates include California, Boston, Massachusetts, and China.While there are many positions in the exciting new era of robotics development and innovation, there is also huge demand for specialists that can maintain the millions of robotic machines already in use around the world. Almost all positions require advanced degrees or specializations in math and computer science and an internship will always lift you above the crowd when applying for that first job. Whether you are applying to Google, Microsoft, NASA, Lego, Amazon, or somewhere else, Wyn Technology Pvt Ltd will help get you prepared.

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