Wyn Technology Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Wyn Technology Pvt. Limited is a group company providing Staffing and Manpower services, Geospatial OpenSource solutions and innovative assistance to businesses including Web-portal solutions globally, for more than 7 years.

WynEdu is a progressive wing of Wyn Technology Pvt. Ltd dedicated to offering the best of cutting-edge trending technologies that are essential for progressive growth of our country and in a nutshell of the world.


Our AIM:

  • Help our customers become leaders in product reliability and time to market by providing proven state of the art solutions for Hr & Staffing, Geo-solutions using OpenSource and Business Incubation using innovative ideas.
  • Providing best integration of Technology, Experience and Innovative Solutions to our Clientele, so as to make professional and personal life more comfortable, consequently emerging as Market leader in Technologies and Solutions that alleviate the ease of living.
  • Design customized quality-driven educational products and to do so WynEdu has a devoted and determined team of highly qualified professionals.
  • Follow the learning approach of "ESCALATE CONFIDENCE WITH BABY STEPS" i.e., we focus on outcome-based , Robotics is the latest pinnacle of technical development.



  • To provide best knowledge in STEM concepts and facilitate the revolution of technology worldwide through various mutually beneficial alliances with like minded educator.



  • To provide quality knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Concepts) to inspire and motivate children.



1)         Pursue Growth and Learning, Be Passionate and Determined.

Wyn Technology Pvt. Limited

Delhi 110052, India