Wyn Technology

Human Resource Services

  • We search our database against the parameters set forth as per the client’s requirements.
  • We conduct screening of the Candidates that match the parameters (Background, References and Credentials etc.)
  • We coordinate with Candidates and Clients to ensure that the Recruiting process is conducted in smooth, Transparent and Fair manner.
  • As our services are very conducive for your Line of Business and we understand the challenges faced by you in the Personnel Recruitment Process, the Division (WynTech Staffing and Manpower Services)) would like to offer its Experience, Knowledge and Commitment to the best of Services and Employees to you.
  • Our Staffing Services Recruitment is performed in a highly professional manner and is extremely cost-effective, well planned, efficient, carefully coordinated and more importantly regularly updated.
  • We are proud to call ourselves a Staffing and Manpower Specialist, at the same time we continue to strive for increased efficiency, and effective manpower usage, so that our Clients persistently and perpetually get the excellence, we maintain in our service delivery and are satisfied to the core.

Geospatial Educational Services

  • The company has leveraged its strong Geo-spatial knowledge to offer Multifaceted services for training in Geospatial Technology. It is a consortium of Geospatial educators working together to promote Open Source Software usage in Geospatial Technology Education sector. Our goal is to increase the awareness and use of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) applications.
  • We believe that Open Source Software provides best values to both, the end users as well as the learners. Our curriculum is meant for the syllabus in Engineering colleges and other courses and meant to be used by individuals who wish to undergo Geospatial Training. Our curriculum is designed to be used by the Educators in the Engineering Colleges, Geography colleges and courses which require the Geospatial Technologies as the part of their Academics.
  • The Geospatial Educational services is not an official project of OSGeo, the QGIS project or OGC.
  • We are an independent initiative focused on providing Open Source GIS Education to anyone desiring to learn and understand spatial technology as part of an academic course.

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