Wyn Technology

A Few Words

About Us

Wyn Technology Private Limited

is a Group Company providing Staffing and Manpower Services,

Geospatial OpenSource Solutions & Innovative Assistance to Businesses including Web-portal Solutions globally, for more than 7 years.

“Our aim is to help our Customers

become Leaders in Product Reliability and Time To Market by providing
proven State of the Art Solutions for HR & Staffing, Geo-solutions using OpenSource and Business Incubation using innovative ideas.”

At Wyn Technology Pvt. Ltd.

we aim at providing the best integration
         of Technology, Experience and
Innovative Solutions to our Clientele,

so as to make Professional and

Personal lives more comfortable

and secure, consequently emerging as
          a Market Leader in providing

Technologies & Solutions that alleviate the ease of living.


Human Resource Management Services

Our Human Resource Management (HRM) Division (WynTech Staffing and

Manpower Services (WSMS) provides Manpower Sourcing Services for numerous organizations worldwide. The Company offers Recruitment and Placement Services and Solutions for organizations looking for highly efficient Professionals
and most qualified Individuals around the globe.

We have a dedicated team of Associates who, with their exemplary Professionalism

and rigorous Training, provide the above-mentioned Services and use our Networks to

revitalize the processes involved. The Clients gain following advantages by our expertise:

• Minimizing the time required for sourcing Candidates.

• Increased efficiency in Recruiting and Placement.

• Preliminary filtering of unqualified candidates by re-screening and

pre-screening expertise, thus avoiding the clutter of over-application.


 Human Resource Services:

search our Database against the parameters set forth as per the Client’s
We conduct screening of the Candidates that match the parameters

and Credentials etc.).

We coordinate with Candidates and Clients to
ensure that the Recruiting Process is
conducted in a Smooth, Transparent and Fair


As our Services are very optimum and conducive
for your Line of Business

and we understand the challenges faced by you
in the Personnel Recruitment process,

the Division   (WynTech Staffing and Manpower Services (WSMS)) would like to offer

Experience, Knowledge & Commitment to deliver the best of Services and
Employees to you.
Our Staffing
Services Recruitment is performed in a highly professional manner and is

extremely cost-effective, well planned,
efficient, carefully coordinated and

more importantly, regularly updated.

“We are proud to call ourselves a Staffing and Manpower Specialist, at the same time we continue to strive for
increased efficiency and
effective manpower usage, so that our Clients persistently and
get the excellence, we maintain in our service delivery and are satisfied to
the core”

Geospatial Educational Services

The Company has leveraged its strong
Geospatial Knowledge, to offer

Multifaceted Services for training in
Geospatial Technology. It is a consortium of
educators working together to promote Open Source Software usage
in Geospatial Technology Education sector. Our goal is to increase the
awareness and use of Free & Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G)

We believe that Open Source software provides
the best value to both,

the end-users as well as the learners. Our
Curriculum is meant for the syllabus in

Engineering Colleges & other courses and
meant to be used by Individuals

who wish to undergo Geospatial Training. Our
Curriculum is designed to be used by the
in Engineering Colleges, Geography Colleges and courses which require

the knowledge of Geospatial Technologies as
part of their Academics.

The Geospatial Educational Services is not an official project of OSGeo, the ()GIS Project or OGC.

“We are an independent initiative focused
on providing
Open Source GIS Education to anyone desiring
to learn
and understand the spatial technology as part of
an academic course”.


Innovation is conceiving and formulating new, 
better, simplified, cost-effective

and efficient ideas about any Device, Process or a Technology. Innovation
is not
necessarily Technological, but also Social,
Economical and Humane.

At WynTech, we provide services like Conceiving Ideas, Improvising
and Developing Prototypes to materialise the
conceptual solutions.

The services provided by us are rendered
through effective and efficient products,

processes, services, technologies and business models that are made
available to Markets,
Governments and Society.

WynTech provides something original, unique
and effective — a novel idea that is a

breakthrough in the existing Market. Our out
of the box thinking provides ideas for

new businesses and innovative solutions to
meet the ever growing demands of the Consumers.
work on the ideas of Assimilation; Exploitation of a value-added novelty in

and social spheres; Renewal and improvisation
of products, services, and other stake holders; Development of new methods and
setting up efficient management systems.

These actions have a dichotomy of
impacts-improvisation, as well as evolution of

methodology. Even though innovation is a means
to develop new businesses and acts as

catalyst for existing businesses, it is still
risky and there is always a fear of failure.

One needs courage to spend resources to
existing business or start a new one. So, WynTech
provides an incubator for dealing with such fears and
risks and for coming up with innovations that lead to a safer environment and
interfere with the existing setup.